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Employees unfortunately suffer a wide variety of injuries at work as a result of tripping, falling, being hit by a hard object, being crushed by a heavy object, being cut by a sharp object, being burned, lifting a heavy object, constantly repeating tasks that put stress on certain parts of the body, or being in a work-related motor vehicle accident.

Employees also get sick at work due to a lack of personal protective equipment; because safety procedures were not followed; or because there are harmful chemicals or asbestos in the workplace.

On-the-job injuries and illnesses range from minor, requiring no missed time from work, to serious, requiring extensive time off from work and significant medical treatment.

When you are accidentally hurt on the job, your injury claim against your employer falls outside the Personal Injury system. Instead, you are covered by the Workers’ Compensation system, which provides compensation for medical bills and some lost pay.

The good news is that, in the Worker’s Compensation system, you don’t have to prove that the injury was caused by the employer’s carelessness. The bad news is that there is less compensation available in the Worker’s Compensation system than in the Personal Injury system.

In the rare situation where the employer intentionally tried to injure you, you can bring a Personal Injury claim against the employer.

If a third-party played a role in causing your work-related injury, you can bring a Personal Injury claim against that third party.

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If you have been injured or sickened on the job, the Law Offices of Kamran Memon and our network of lawyers can assist you.

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