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When you get hurt because someone else was careless, you suffer emotional and physical pain, loss of enjoyment of life, and financial consequences. It’s completely unfair, and the negligent party should be held responsible. Although the legal system cannot take away the pain, it can compensate you financially for your pain and suffering, your medical bills, and your lost income.

As a Pakistani-American Muslim, Attorney Kamran Memon is actively involved in the Chicagoland community, and he understands the community’s legal needs.

Common Injuries

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents – Have you been hurt in a car accident, bike accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, bus accident, public transportation accident, or pedestrian accident?
  • Medical Malpractice – Have you been injured by a negligent doctor during a medical procedure? Have you been harmed as a result of a misdiagnosis? Have you been hurt because of a medication error?
  • Premises Liability – Have you slipped or tripped on someone else’s property, because the property was kept in an unsafe condition?
  • Construction Site Accidents – Have you been injured on an unsafe construction site?
  • Defective Products – Have you been injured by a poorly designed or unsafe product or drug?
  • Daycare Accidents – Has your child been injured at a daycare because the staff were careless?
  • Dog Bites – Have you been bitten by a dog who was not properly restrained by the owner?
  • Catastrophic Injury or Wrongful Death – Has a loved one suffered a catastrophic injury or wrongful death because someone else was careless?

If you have been injured because someone else was careless, the Law Offices of Kamran Memon and our network of lawyers can assist you.

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