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When you are trying to earn a living and provide for your family, employment discrimination and harassment can be very painful, because it can affect your income and your physical and emotional health.

As a Pakistani-American Muslim who has personally experienced discrimination and harassment, Attorney Kamran Memon understands the pressures and challenges that many employees from religious and ethnic minority communities face at work.

Common Types of Discrimination and Harassment

  1. Have you been mistreated at work because of your religion or national origin? Have people of other religions and national origins been treated better than you?
  2. Have you been subjected to hostile comments about your religion or national origin?
  3. Have you been denied the right to wear religious clothing, follow religious requirements regarding your hair or beard, or pray at work?
  4. Have you been denied a job, been denied a promotion, or been fired because of your religion or national origin?

If you have been harassed or discriminated against at work, the Law Offices of Kamran Memon and our network of lawyers can assist you.

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Attorney Kamran Memon and his network of lawyers have successfully represented people of many different religions and national origins in discrimination and harassment cases.

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